The Pinball

Concierge: Wish Design

Included services

In Suite telephone service
Our guests may make use of a tablet device present in each Suite to make local, international and intercontinental calls. Only calls to numbers with special tariffs, certain “remote” area codes and satellite phones and not included. The service is complimentary.

Our guests can choose from a range of pillows. Simmons anti-allergy pillows, goose feather pillows or Memory Foam are available. The service is complimentary.

At our guests' arrival, after checking-in, our Welcome Staff, upon request, will unpack their luggage and put their clothing and garnments in the wardrobe, so their suitcases can be safely stored in our deposit. The service is complimentary.

San Pellegrino
The highest quality Italian water, San Pellegrino mineral water, is available for our guests, at a temperature of 8-10C, for perfect consumption. According to ASI (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale), San Pellegrino mineral water is “perfectly sparkling and stands out for the finesse of its bubbles and subtle mineral aromas. Its body is a masterpiece of elegant taste harmony  with an outstanding, pleasantly intense sensation of fragrant freshness. It is an ideal companion for dishes rich in flavour.” The service is complimentary.

Our guests can enjoy Roma Nespresso coffee. “The balanced blend of lightly roasted Central and South American Arabica beans, with a touch of Robusta gives Roma sweet and woody notes with a decisive taste.” The service is complimentary.


Interior Designer in Suite

Our house architect will be happy to meet you to show you the brands we represent in our Showroom and to assist you while you think how to enrich your beloved living space. The welcome meeting is complimentary.

Extra services

The Pinball Luxury Suites staff is always available to give information and prices for selected services:

Transfer Service
Our transfer services personnel are not simply drivers, but highly-qualified security operators. For trips of more than two hours, upon request and free of charge, a brief course on safe tourism in large Italian cities is available. Our guests can be collected and brought to their Suite from all over Italy including the main railway stations and airports. Our airport service can include: assistance with check-in and flight (both arrival and departure); assistance and priority treatment at customs, security in the event of missing luggage; baggage transport; guest pick-up from the aircraft (including pick-up from runway when the aircraft is not directly connected to the terminal). Our railway station service includes collection of our guests at the arrival platform (or accompanying on board the train); safe passage through the station; luggage transport. On request, our security personnel will drive you to your chosen destinations throughout your stay.

Butler service
Our guests can also avail themselves of the assistance of a majordomo or a special maid, as in the old tradition of Italian noble houses. Depending on your desires, he or she can also purchase flowers, prepare a quick meal, organise your activities or manage your schedule. It will be our pleasure to satisfy your wildest dreams.

Our Head of Security can satisfy any of our guests’ needs for safe companionship. Our staff has worked with heads of state and international stars from around the world. Upon request, our service will collaborate with your trusted personnel.

La Dolce Vita: vintage car journey
A local renowned vintage car collector is happy to grant our guests a vehicle from his exclusive collection. How wonderful it must be to observe the hills with the same emotions that ran through Marcello Mastroianni and Roger Moore.

Barman in Suite
Our guests may choose to indulge in a moment of pure relaxation or host a small cocktail party with drinks prepared by one of the best Italian mixologists. This service includes a basic range of products but Premium products can be made available on request.

Cappuccino Academy
We can offer our guests a 90-minute course on making the perfect Italian cappuccino.

Cocktail Academy
We can offer our guests a 90-minute cocktail-making course. Alternatively, our personnel can assist you in the creation of an original, unique, personalised beverage. For longer stays we can organise an intensive course on coffee or drink-mixing.

Shopping list
On request, we can purchase for our guests a selection of the best local and regional foods, including drinks, wines, champagne and food for children and babies. What is better than arriving home to find a fridge full of delicious delicacies?

Tailor in Suite
Depending on the length of our guests' stay, they might choose to have a shirt or a suit specially made for them by one of Rome’s finest tailors. Alternatively, they might decide to buy knitwear from Loropiana’s finest cashmere.

In Suite cookery lessons
Upon request, one of our Chefs is available to give our guests a cookery lesson of approximately 60 minutes, during which they can learn the secrets and tricks of pasta as prepared by the hands of Italian grandmothers. Comfortably seated around the table, our guests will then enjoy the dish they have just learned to prepare, accompanied by a glass of fine wine.

Turn Down
On request, in accordance with our guests’ needs, a special bedtime tucking-in with storyreading is available for children, or a relaxing tisana can be served just before turning in for the night. This service includes an additional cleaning and preparation of the Suite for night-time.

In Suite office (Spiral Circus and Royal Cards)
In the Spiral Circus and Royal Cards Suites we can set up an office suitable for any need. Printer, schedule management service and Personal Assistant are all available. Whatever the specific need of our guest is, we are happy to do our utmost to satisfy it.

Mamma's breakfast
If desired, our guests can be woken up by the gurgling of a classic Italian Bialetti Moka coffee machine on the stove, to enjoy great coffee along with bread and butter with jam or Nutella; this typical Italian Mamma’s breakfast can be enjoyed at the table or snugly in bed, while perusing the international news in seven languages on our satellite TV system.

Princess Breakfast
A breakfast with excellent “bubbles” from our cellar and a selection of savoury pastries prepared for you by the best gastronomes of the area.

Car wash
Our personnel will also take care of our guests’ vehicles during their stay. A full car valeting service is available on request.

Pet sitting
While our guests relax, our personnel will take care of their four-legged friend.

Shoe polishing
A shoe-polishing service is available on request.


Tour and Visits

Each itinerary can be personalised on request. A professional photographer can accompany you if desired.

Viterbo on Foot

A morning guided visit to the town’s historical centre and its monuments. Leaving the hotel, the route takes in different points: the Priori Palace, since the 15th century the political and administrative headquarters of the town; the medieval Piazza of Gesù, with its church that was the setting for a notorious crime mentioned even by Dante in the Divine Comedy; Piazza San Lorenzo with its cathedral, and the Palazzo dei Papi, papal headquarters for over 20 years in the 13th century: here the first and longest conclave in history took place; the medieval quarter of San Pellegrino, the largest in Europe.

Villa Lante - Bagnaia

(5 km from Viterbo; by car: 10 minutes or "Cowgirl in the sand" by Neil Young)

Crowned “Italy’s most beautiful park” in 2011, Villa Lante is a masterpiece of the late 16th century. Designed by Vignola and residence of Cardinal Francesco de Gambara in the 16th century, it was the property of the Lante della Rovere family until the 1900s. The garden teems with fountains and water features, ancient trees, hedges and floral designs.


(59 km from Viterbo; by car: 55 minutes or "Live" by Michel Petrucciani)

The archeological site of Vulci, once-flourishing Etruscan centre and important Roman town, still today preserves the ancient road and a monumental domus of the late republican/early imperial era. Once an important stop on the grand tour, it fed the imaginations of artists and writers from all parts of Europe. The new visitors’ itinerary also takes in recently discovered Etruscan tombs and chambers. Amidst an unspoilt natural landscape, the Vulci passeggiata is a true journey back in time, among cows and horses at pasture, ancient ruins, peaceful calm and silence.


(21 km from Viterbo; by car: 25 minutes or "Please please me" by The Beatles)

Bomarzo is the home of the famous Bosco Sacro (Holy Wood), also known as the Park of Monsters. One of the most mysterious places in the world, for centuries it has evaded explanation by scholars and also had a profound effect on the genius of Salvador Dali. Created in the second half of the 16th century, it is populated by enormous stone statues with monstrous faces, dragons, bears, pagan divinities and a tilting house.


(22 km from Viterbo; by car: 35 minutes or "Music for airports" by Brian Eno)

Palazzo Farnese in Caprarola is a late 16th century masterpiece designed first by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger and later by Vignola. It was decorated by the Zuccari brothers and by other great masters of Italian Mannerism. The cinematically splendid spiral staircase and the awe-inspiring Mappamondo hall will leave visitors breathless. Its stucco and frescoes, architectural fantasy and Italian gardens make it one of the most popular historical film locations for Italian and international cinema.

Civita di Bagnoregio

(23 km from Viterbo; by car: 30 minutes or "Let it be" by The Beatles)

Civita di Bagnoregio is known as “the dying city” because it is perched on a tufo and clay spur, which is slowly crumbling away due to centuries of erosion. Today the town is cut off from the surrounding territory and linked to the rest of the world by a long bridge that can only be crossed on foot. Characterised by tiny tufo houses brightened by colourful flowers, it is as if time has stood still and one is taking a stroll through the past.

Giardino dei Tarocchi (Tarot Garden) and Capalbio

(65 km from Viterbo; by car: 1 hour or "The Division Bell" by The Pink Floyd)

The Gardino dei Tarocchi (Tarot Garden) is an artistic park created by the Franco-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle, populated by statues inspired by figures of the Tarot major arcana. It is a unique, legendary attraction - unmissable for lovers of art and colour.  There is nothing better, after a visit to the park, than enjoying an italianissimo aperitif in Capalbio, one of the most attractive and elegant points on the Tuscan coast.

The Centre of Rome

(100 km from Viterbo; by car: 1 hr 30m or "Miles Davis and the Modern Jazz Giants" by Miles Davis)

The centre of Rome contains 40% of humanity’s artistic masterpieces. One can leave the tranquility of Viterbo to enjoy a day out to visit the archeological sites of Rome; the churches, the piazzas, or simply just to enjoy a walk and do some shopping: in this case our guests, upon request, can be accompanied by our stylist and personal shopper.


(45 km from Viterbo; by car: 1 hour or "Space oddity" by David Bowie)

Orvieto is one of the treasures of Umbria. Its cathedral, whose enchanting architecture was begun in the 13th century, cannot be missed.

Thermal springs of Saturnia and Pitigliano

(55 km from Viterbo; by car: 1 hour or "Wish you were here" by The Pink Floyd)

Against an enchanting background, our guests can relax in the thermal sulphur springs of Saturnia. Emerging at a temperature of 37.5° C, the waters have renowned therapeutic properties, bestowing relaxation and well-being. The thermal springs of Saturnia extends over a large area, some of which can be enjoyed free of charge but also containing a luxury premises. After a long regenerating soak, there is nothing better than an aperitif or dinner at Pitigliano, a splendid town of Tuscan Etruria, famous for its historic centre, known as the Little Jerusalem.


(40km from Viterbo; by car: 45 minutes or "Michel plays Petrucciani" by Michel Petrucciani)

Tarquinia owes its worldwide fame to its Etruscan Archeological Park and stunning Necropolis. However, it is also a delightful seaside town, with fully-equipped beaches bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea.


(100km from Viterbo; by car: 1hr 45 minutes or "Bitches brew" by Miles Davis)

The Argentario Promontary is the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Porto Ercole, Porto Santo Stefano, Cala Piccola and Cala Moresca are considered among the Tuscan coast’s most elegant destinations.

Spoleto and Assisi

(Starting at 85km from Viterbo; by car: 1hour or "Evening star" by Robert Fripp and Brian Eno)

We recommend this full-day excursion exploring the beauty of Umbria to our guests. We make a stop in Spoleto, beloved of Goethe and Hermann Hesse.


(170km from Viterbo; by car: 2 hours or "The Carnegie Hall Concert" by Keith Jarrett)

Its historical centre a UNESCO Heritage site, Siena is known all around the world for its medieval architecture and Palio, the horse race around the Piazza del Campo that attracts visitors from all corners of the globe. The food and wine are unforgettable experiences and all within a day trip from the Pinball Luxury Suites.


(200km from Viterbo; by car: 2hr 30 minutes or "Tosca" by Giacomo Puccini)

Florence needs no introduction: it is one of mankind’s masterpieces. Its architecture, museums and its streets tightly-packed with wonderful boutiques are all easily reached from Viterbo for the day. Upon request, we can organise an overnight stay for our guests should they wish to extend the pleasure of a visit to this unmissable Italian experience.

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